heroic camp

A week-long ritual of self-transformation.

30 August 17h – 7 September 15h

At the Pirates’ Secret Castle

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Imagine meeting your life’s challenges with clarity and strength, with ease, naturalness and humour.

Imagine never worrying about the future, because you’re so confident of conquering whatever it brings.


Imagine being the Hero of your life.

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We’ve all been there: Tossed about by the waves of daily life, trying to stay afloat of our own habits, lost in the fog of all the demands upon us.

We’ve all been yearning for more: More energy, more intimacy, more magic, more fun. Yet it seems that just surviving takes priority over our desires. It feels like our days are consumed by triviality.

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Many years ago, we discovered a way through the storms of our life’s silly drama. A playful and joyous path towards the shore of our dreams. A treasure map that guides our growing community of conscious free-spirits.


It starts by deciding who you want to be. And then giving a name to that Heroic Self.

The rest, is a journey of self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-empowerment. A period of intense discipline, growing awareness and boundless love.

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There are many tools in this trip. Some ancient, some modern. Like the power objects and talismans that aided old adventurers; they work together to arouse your courage, your presence, your embodied action.


In the end, you will fully inhabit that calm, playful, sensual being; who lives richly and intentionally, who effortlessly sails towards their personal north star. One who can easily accept the imperfections and annoyances of their life with gratitude and grace.

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The Ecosensual Heroic Camp is a week-long journey into your Heroic Self. An offline utopia to detox from the distractions and habits of the world, and integrate the last years of your life. A time to connect deeply with yourself, others, and the amazing nature around you. A call to level-up.

A Pirate Retreat happens in a liminal space where nothing is to be taken seriously, everything is possible, and your heroic skills will be constantly tested. But fear not! You will be lovingly supported by a mighty crew.

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what’s included in thiS
life-changing JOURNEY?

Awaken the Hero in you

Discover the Hero’s Journey and the tapestry of related techniques that help you embody your Ideal Self and master your life’s challenges.

Heighten Connection

Apply Neotantric Ritual and partnered meditations to overcome social anxiety, so that you can develop a more natural, effortless and heart-centred intimacy.

See Nature like Never Before

Learn how to heal yourself with nature through the practice of Ecosensuality; and bask in that mother's love at a place of extraordinary natural beauty.

Re-learn how you Work

Play the game of Karma Yoga, and get hip to a revolutionary approach to work that will kill the procrastinator as well as the perfectionist in you.

Enter the Sacred Silence

Slow-down your thought stream and rest your nervous system by practicing Conscious Silence during the first half of every day.

Drop Out, Tune in, Turn On

Disconnect completely from everything in your daily life (yes, your phone too), and get space to discover what is there without all the distractions.

Meet a Crew of the Spirit

The Pirate Tantrics will welcome you as one of our own. We are a crew where everybody is accepted exactly as they are from moment to moment. We uplift and inspire each other.

Dig the Pirates' Compass

The whole week will be a festival of Pirate inventiveness. We will navigate together through the eight directions of our compass, each Hero following their hearts desire.
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Impressions from out last Ecosensual Camp

“I feel much calmer and trusting, when an unexpected situation arrives, I welcome it with more curiosity than anxiety and have a feeling that everything will/is working out just fine. I also feel my personal energy is on higher vibration, which attracts others.” — Ewa aka Wolf Woman


“I trust my own instincts much more and don’t worry so much about thoughts – not mine and not the thoughts of the others.” — Lea aka Gentle Tiger


“I have felt a great clarity and courage that I have not felt for a long time. .” — Janayna aka Mulan


“This I feel is the subtlest of all blessings from this retreat: The ability to discern and dissect with clarity ones situation and to make decisive movements that really bring you forward in life. “ — Ilya aka The Fool of Many Passions


“I feel more grounded and in connection with myself.” — Leonore aka Space


“I feel powerful, clear and expansive. I am sensitive and my senses are heightened, feels psychedelic and ecstatic.” — Özge aka Gaia Starseed


“I am more connected to myself than I have ever been before. I am able to observe my emotions, acknowledge them, and ‘move on’ with my actions, not letting the emotions control the actions themselves. I am able to make difficult choices with relative ease.” — Marina aka Crea


“I learned a new state of loving. It’s more than learning, my eyes were opened. Thank you so much, everyone! Words aren’t enough.” — Alex aka Forest

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There is a community of the spirit.

Join it, and feel the delight

of walking in the noisy street

and being the noise. —Rumi

Pirates' Secret Castle





  • When: 30 August 17h – 7 September 15h
  • Where: The Pirate’s Secret Castle, about two hours from Berlin.
  • How Much: 550€ until 7th July.  670€ after that.  Prince includes everything.
  • Accommodation: Shared basic rooms. Camping is also possible for the same price.
  • Food: Two warm vegetarian meals per day, plus a midday buffet. Fruits and tea available throughout the day.
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