12 March – 30 April ; Sundays 18.30 – 21 h — Kreuzberg, Berlin

In the semi-darkness,
guided by clear instructions,
you move seamlessly
from one experience to the next.
Step by step, making no effort,
you flow between soft and intense.
In this absolutely precise dream
you discover your light essence



– Gain deeper insight into yourself.
– Get clearer and more creative.
– Become more confident and self-reliant.
– Develop self-love and self-acceptance.
– Break out of old thought patterns.
– Have a better relationship with your mind.
– Have better sex.
– Strengthen your willpower.
– Have more restful sleep.
– Flush your whole being with light.


Catch the Wave
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“I feel much calmer and trusting, when an unexpected situation arrives, I welcome it with more curiosity than anxiety.”

— Wolf Woman


Light Yourself Up: An Eight-Week Journey to Discover your Chakra

  • From 12 March to 30 April
  • Eight Sundays from 18.30 to 21 h
  • Price: 280€ till 28th Feb; 310€ afterwards
  • Payment Plan: Half before the start and half before the fifth week.
  • Location: Görlitzer Straße 39, 10997 Berlin


An eight-week immersion into working with your energy.
A 20-hour journey to your subtler aspects.
A ritual. A dance. A deeper glance at yourself.
Discover the magical dimensions of You.


Join the Crew
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“I have felt a great clarity and courage that I have not felt for a long time.”

— Mulan


Classical Tantra holds what is perhaps the oldest and most comprehensive system to awaken the chakras. Start experiencing and expressing the dormant energies within you.


The Chakra are not a myth. You can experience them by refining your sensitivity and observing closely. Tantra shows you how.

We meet weekly in a ritualised space of self-exploration and discovery. A deeply concentrated journey through centuries-old techniques to stimulate, become aware of, and direct the great power in you.

You will be guided step by step, with such clarity and precision that you will flow through these rituals as if you had done them a dozen times. A study of effortlessness, an encounter with naturalness.

Hop On Board
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“I feel more alive, calmer, with something like a deeper trust in life.”

— Kara


during this TRIP you WIll

  • Get a complete introduction to the most effective classical Tantric practices for activating your chakras and pranic field.
  • Enter a weekly space of self-discovery, ritual silence, and deep relaxation.
  • Give yourself a period of intense practice that will transform you at every level.
  • Connect with your body, mind and subtle energies like never before.
  • Learn a system of time-tested methods and all the guidance you need to build a rewarding home practice.
  • Join a community of Heroes who support and wholeheartedly accept each other.
Take the Plunge
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“I have more clarity about what gives me joy and strength and the actions that I can take now towards that.”

— Gaia Starseed

after, you’ll be able to

  • Locate and connect with each chakra.
  • Meditate on the yantra and other elements of the chakra.
  • Touch each chakra with its mantra.
  • Move pranic energy through your body.
  • Practice specific techniques for each chakra, to continue stimulating and activating it.
  • Construct wholistic programs to practice on your own.
Full Speed Ahead
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“I feel much more energy and clarity in my thoughts with a greater connection with my own being.”

— Gora



    • If you want more out of life, and long to increase the quality of your everyday experience.
    • If you have been practicing modern yoga and wish to discover a deeper and more authentic practice.
    • If you have been dabbling in Neotantra and want to find out how Classical Tantra can truly expand your sexuality, as well as your mind.
    • If you are completely new to self-work and want to step into a path that will enrich your life.
    • If you have been learning isolated techniques here and there, and long for a comprehensive system that addresses the entire human frame.
    • If you are ready for a time-tested path that has proven effective for thousands of people through the ages.


Raise the Anchor
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“I am able to make difficult choices with relative ease. I am also able to not let my emotions or the emotions of those around me overrun my own senses.”

— Crea

YOUR Guide

Pipi Spielhand a.k.a. Pedro Aybar is the Captain of the Pirate Tantrics and your navigator during this trip. He was initiated into classical tantra in 2005, and has been devoted to the practice of this spiritual technology ever since.

After his initiation, Pipi became a teacher of the tantric methods through a 4-year residential education by Swami Janakananda Saraswati. He was privileged to work closely with his teacher during these years at the ashram, learning first-hand the nuances of this wisdom. 

He has been teaching for over a decade.


Hoist the Sails
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“I learned a new state of loving. It’s more than learning, my eyes were opened.”

— Ancient Forest

There is a community of the spirit.

Join it, and feel the delight

of walking in the noisy street

and being the noise.

—- Rumi.