The Pirate Tantrics’

Paradigm-Shifting Yoga Ritual 


Blah blah nada.

This is direct connection with yourself, sweet surrender into all your layers.

Let go of all your concepts of divine this and conscious that. Bask in the endless ocean of simply being.

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The voice seems to come from your own head.  It guides you steadily through methods and states, through streams of experience. Images. Feelings.

You pass through three thresholds: Stillness, Silence, Darkness.

Through and beyond the experience of the senses. 

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Asana. Pranayama. Mudra. Bandha. Shatkarma. Are only the first half of it. Preparation for the Inner Yoga.

Then deeper, deeper to the very centre of consciousness.

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Remove impurities and bring balance to your body through the powerful cleansing methods of traditional yoga. Techniques that affect all the body's systems and kick-start their function. This is effectively a reset of your physical self.


Remove finer tensions and harmonise your nervous system. The yogic breathing exercises are a bridge between grosser and finer layers of your being; between body and mind. They make you clearer and mentally stronger, and allow you to discover and experience Prana, your life force.

Bandha and Mudra

When you remove tensions through asana and pranayama, you gain access to previously lost energy. In order for this energy to be experienced and directed in a useful way, we use Bandha and Mudra, special physical contractions and gestures that touch the endocrine system and other important areas of the body. They influence your state of mind and level of activity, while bringing consciousness and energy to the different parts of your self.


How can you become independent from mental disturbances? How can you remain cool in the intense situation? Through Pratyahara, you discover that there are actual things you can do, systematic practices that enable you to act from your own center, even in adverse conditions. Based on a precise knowledge of how the mind works, these methods teach you to work with the mind, rather than fight it.


Strengthen your ability to focus and discover that concentration involves no effort, but that it is a relaxed state in which your attention remains easily fixed on an object of your choice for as long as you wish. This is the first step to become master of your mind.


To be aware and present is to experience life fully. This becomes possible through your work with meditation. There are as many meditation methods as there are temperaments, and they are available for any degree of experience or personal preference. You will learn some very useful meditations that will make you more present and aware.


11 till 13 h

Görlitzer Straße 39, 10997 Berlin
Ring Gemeinschaftsraum

  • Please be there by 10:30, so you can do the ritual ablution.
  • Bring comfortable clothes and an empty stomach.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses or bring a case to take them off.
  • IMPORTANT: Ring on Yoga / Gemeinschaftsraum, and come all the way to the back. Last building in front of you, entrance through the left, second floor.
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YOUR Guide

Captain Pipi Spielhand (a.k.a. Pedro Aybar) has been teaching tantric yoga for almost two decades.  Initiated into an authentic tantric tradition by his teacher, Swami Janakananda Saraswati, the captain spent four years as his guru’s ashram learning every aspect of this amazing science.

Since then, he has been using his own body and mind as a laboratory to test the classical tantric methods, experiencing first-hand their transformative effects.

His classes have had a cult following in Berlin for almost ten years. After an extended paternity leave, they return to their original space in Görlitzer  Strasse.

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There is a community of the spirit.

Join it, and feel the delight

of walking in the noisy street

and being the noise.

—- Rumi.