I was initiated into advanced Classical Tantra in 2005, and lived and trained with my teacher, Swami Janakananda, for four years. Away from society, I lived in celibacy, learning to exert control over my sexual urges.

Tantric sex developed spontaneously after a decade of practicing the tantric methods. Ejaculatory control, intense concentration, channeling pranic energy and meditative detachment are natural results of this practice.

In 2016, I started studies in Neotantra and Tantra Massage with Andro Rothe from the Diamond Lotus. This continued until Andro’s unfortunate passing in 2019. From him I learned the ritual forms of sexual tantra, and how to relate to sexuality in an almost therapeutic way.

I have guided the Tantric Sex ritual to large numbers for people, most notably at Xplore Festival in 2018.

My niche as a sexual worker is naturally Tantric Sex. I offer a spiritual, ritualised and relaxing kind of experience. This can be supported with deep relaxation and breathing techniques. While I’m pansexual, my ideal client is older women who crave to be consciously touched. I would say my specialisation is Devoted Adoration. I also offer coaching to couples in Tantric Sex and Conscious Touch.