TANTRIC Yoga for Energy and Clarity


14th November
Görlitzer Straße 39

Yoga as much more than a sequence of poses. A dance of body, breath, mind and senses. A dive into yourself through time-tested classical methods.

A touching two-hour ritual that includes:

Asana: Yoga Poses
Pranayama: Powerful breathing methods
Shatkarma: Cleansing techniques
Trataka: Intense concentration
Yoga Nidra: Deep relaxation and imagery

Guided by Gaia Starseed
Assisted by Captain Spielhand

At KiKi: Gölitzer Straße 39
(Ring: Gemeinschaftsraum)

Regular Price: 15€
Low Income: 10€

To enrol, send us a love letter to  ahoy@thepiratetantrics.com
or click Hop on Board below and answer YOGA14 to “Why do you care?”


– We observed sacred silence in our practice space.
– We have mats and blankets, but bring your own if possible.
– We practice in loose-fitting, comfortable clothes (pajamas are best). There are changing rooms.
– Remove your contact lenses before the practice.
– Avoid eating after three hours before the ritual.
– Bring your medical mask and put it on before you enter the space. You may remove your mask to practice.
– You must provide a negative COVID test or a vaccine certificate to join the ritual. You may do a self-test on site.
– We are obliged to store the contact data of all participants and to submit them to the health department upon request.

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