what LIFE?

The navy officer told us that Life is a race
to reach somewhere else, other than here.
The trading company told us it is an inventory
of things to acquire: A respectable job, a good marriage.

Bollocks to that!

To the Pirate Tantric life is an adventure,
a Hero’s Journey of self-discovery,
a stretching of possibilities,
a ceaseless creation of the world we choose to live in.

And where could we start creating this utopia?
Naturally, each in their own Self.

First of all, what you do anyway, do it fully.

Whatever you are doing, you can do it. 

Swami Janakananda Saraswati

AHOY me hearty!  Welcome to the online berth of the Pirate Tantrics.

We’re a commonwealth of freewheeling comrades unfurling our canvas to the winds Self-Knowledge. We’re outlaws of convention, marauders off the trodden path, we’re a cheerful crew living beyond others’ expectations. 

Berlin moors our flying Ship; where we do yoga and meditate, explore our lives as a hero’s journey, connect, create, celebrate. We float ritual circles for the exploration of Life and Self, intriguing and fascinating situations that expand the range of what is possible. 

We’re dedicated to unconditional self-love.  We fully accept ourselves with all our flaws and contradictions.  We embrace life as it is, and dive without reservations into the adventure.