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The Pirate Ritual

Our Pirate Ship holds ritual circles where we sink into meditative states, in order to investigate, express, and cultivate ourselves.

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We meet to share all the energies of being alive. To connect deeply with ourselves and with our crew.  To find-out What happens if… We meet to expand the range of life’s possibilities.






We want to have extraordinary experiences, to experiment at becoming different selves while remaining the unchanging witness of it all.





So we Anchor ourselves, by raising consciousness and harmonious energy on deck; then we can let-go, tune-in, and turn-on to the eight directions of our Compass.






Every trip is unique. We may practice yoga and classical tantric methods. We may enact Psychomagic performances. We may create sensual connection circles.





Whatever we do, we ritualize it. We honor the Sacred Silence, focusing our attention in the process. We do everything fully and effortlessly. We are in the moment.






We respect each other’s differences and recognize in our comrade, a mirror and a friend. We learn to make ourselves comfortable in the circle, to care for ourselves.





In the process, we discover ourselves; we meet our fears, our desires, our impulses. The meditation guides us to a neutral observation of ourselves and the world that is liberating.





We value closeness and playfulness; curiosity and freedom. Rather than dwelling on our boundaries, we focus on the truest Yes of our hearts.






Some of our trips

The Yoga Ritual

Over two hours of Total Yoga: Shatkarma, asana, pranayama, mudras and bandha make the first half of this Ritual of Me. Deep relaxation, guided imagery, concentration techniques, mantra and meditation; make the second half.

Tantric Meditation

How to become the boss of our own mind. We learn and practice, step-by-step, the richest and most effective meditations of the classical tantric tradition. We find-out how to bring awareness and presence to everything we do.

Kundalini Tantra

Our tradition goes very deep in its understanding and cultivation of the Chakra and the subtle energy, Prana, that animates our body and mind. Kundalini Tantra is the investigation of this deep and wonderful world guided by the rich tapestries woven by Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

Detox Yourself

An intensely detoxifying process. The highlight is the great intestinal cleanse, where we rinse our digestive system from mouth to anus with isotonic water. Other techniques from tantra and elsewhere complete the trip. The purpose of this program is that you incorporate these methods into your daily life.


A psychomagic exploration of our Inner Animal. We follow a simple formula: 1. Take-Off the Human, 2. Put-On the Animal, and 3. Play. In active meditation, we discover how to move, sound, think and feel like the animal of our choice. Then we interact freely as our chosen beast.

Meet your Inner Hero

You are the Hero of your own life, whether you live as such or not. Joseph Campbell, with Carl Jung's help, showed us how the many tales of world mythology are telling us exactly what happens to each of us when we meet crisis in our lives. If we choose to be hero of the crisis, here we have the blueprint. Artist and Gestalt therapist, Paul Rebillot developed a powerful performative process to help us connect to our inner hero and cruise the heroic journey of our life.

Your Magic Compass

After entering meditative states, we explore our personal answer to the question: What is the meaning of life? Along the way, we discover our Values, our Vision, and the energies in our current life that either aid or hinder us.

Pirate's Death Dance

Breath-in Love. Breath-out Death. We celebrate Death in a joyous, reflective, and devoted ritual. We contemplate our own mortality and invite our dearly departed, and other spooky spirits to the dance. All energies are welcomed.

Hear Touch, Feel Sound

Through the live vibrations of the Celtic Harp, we meditate on the touch of sound on our skin... and deeper. Then we connect with the audible vibrations coming from our partner's touch.

The Tantric Dinner

Eating is one of the most emotional, sensual and magical acts of our lives. We celebrate this sacrament in different ways, like in the playful Love Dinner, or the more exacting Meditation Ritual Dinner. In a Tantric Dinner we discover an extraordinary new (old) way of relating to the act of eating. The ritualisation of what we do, the concentrated experience of the senses... we discover a whole universe in each bite.

The Pirate Maithuna

We have discovered the tantric sex ritual in two distinct methods: 1. The classical tantric tradition, from which we studied it theoretically as documented by Swamis Satyananda and Janakananda. And 2. The neotantric school of Andro Rothe, creator of tantra massage, were we learned it over two years of very intense and immersive sexual processes. In our own individualistic Pirate way, we embark on a sacred exploration of the transformative experience of sacred sex.

The Feast of Body Parts

Theophagy (noun): The sacramental eating of a god. A Pirate is ritually transformed into deity and decorated with colourful fruits and sweets. Then we all partake of the feast. It is a most delicious journey.