Magical JUJUS

The brave Hero is rewarded with powerful tools;
charms, spells, talismans;
magical items to complete her quest.
Us Pirates have three that we most value:

An ANCHOR shaped like a trident:
The knowledge of Yoga, Tantra and Meditation.
It is a most powerful instrument
that expands our mind, that makes us free.

A Magic COMPASS of eight-fold path,
that always points in the direction of our Will.
That shows the multiple ways to  our North Star.
And, a joyful SHIP of possibilities…

So, we sail confidently and steadfast
with these great amulets we’ve found.
We break the gale and pierce the fog.
We become Captains of our life.

“Tantra aims at expanding the experience of everyday life, of enjoying and living life to the full, as a means to higher awareness.”

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

The Pirate Compass



Ship, compass and anchor

The SHIP is our community, the sacred circle where we meet to do things, or to enter states of non-doing.

What we do is either coming from ancient Indian mysticism (the ANCHOR), or from a more playful and experimental source, which also reflects what we enjoy doing (the COMPASS).

The Anchor and the Compass support each other. The former prepares our body and mind for the extraordinary experience. The latter satisfies our deep longings and offers many paths to come to ourselves.

In the end, we are just playing at being ourselves.



Driven by curiosity, aided by courage, we launch into the adventure of Self-Knowledge. We deconstruct our biography and discover the Themes of our lives, our Values, our whys. Looking at ourselves without judgement, we arrive at a clear Vision of where we want to go, a personal North Star.


Love is a basic need to us. To be seen, heard and valued... to be touched. We acknowledge each other’s divinity in Tantric Rituals and unite our energies in Sacred Touch and Psychic Breath. Through meditative sense experiences, we teach each other to feel more intensely.


We use ritual to bring awareness and intention to what we do. Intensely focusing our attention, we harness the energies of our own endless Self. While sharing ritual together strengthens our community and directs our collective power towards a common horizon.


We awaken our Inner Child in the playgrounds we create. We discover each other in our games, and explore the interaction of our energies. We discover ourselves. We free our creativity and ingenuity in the absorbed state of play. And choose to do things with whimsy and humour.


Deeply feeling our own body, we cultivate the awareness of being a physical self. We dance as a meditation, with attention on each fleeting moment. We dance to get in touch with our depth, to enter meditative states, to communicate and connect. We dance to awaken our power to surrender.


We lift our voices to the elements, expanding our lungs, opening our throats; we sing the core of our hearts. We chant Mantras and Spirit Songs; we scream the common language of Pop Songs. We celebrate our emotional self and come into the same vibration with our rowdy crew.


Inspiration connects us with our spiritual self. Making any form of Art, affords us endlessly amazing forms of expression; means to talk to ourselves and each other. We paint the sacred geometries of our minds. We give wings to our words with poetry. We make masks and enter the skin of others. We create.


We imagine in order to discover new possibilities and to create the mental experiences we desire. Acutely aware of the power of symbols, we use them consciously to reinforce our values and vision; like imagining to be the Hero of the mythical adventure of our lives. Imagination frees our soul.

Each fleeting instant, the universe is freshly created

for your experience. Will you accept the gift?

Captain Pipi Spielhand

The Pirate Anchor


Tantra, Yoga and Meditation support our lives and everything we do together. Our Tantra comes from an ancient lineage, passed directly from teacher to student. And it’s been pirated to also embrace any traditional or contemporary knowledge that is effective and available.

YOGA.  Includes, not only Asana (yoga poses), but also Pranayama (breathing techniques), Shatkriya (detoxifying methods) and a wide and mysterious system to discover Prana, our subtle life-energy, and to awaken powers that lie dormant in us.

MEDITATION.  Ancient Tantra is rich in effective and sophisticated meditations. The tantric can make anything her meditation object; from the food she eats to a physical pain. The tantric Meditation has immediate practical uses, and it’s ultimate end is to awaken the divine in us.

TANTRA.  Yoga and meditation are the tools. Tantra is the thread that weaves it all together. Tantra is the understanding of reality as the dance of Shiva and Shakti, the experiecer and the experienced, in other words: You and The World.  TAN is to expand, TRA to liberate; that reflects Tantra’s effect in our whole being.

There’s much more to the classical knowledge to which we owe our power and clarity. Like the sciences of Karma, Bhakti and Jyana Yoga, (the mastery of Action, Emotion, and Wisdom, respectively). Or the exploration of altered states of consciousness. Or the tantric sex rituals.

The ocean is wide and deep, matey, jump on our vessel and we’ll show you the sights.