What does it mean to be a pirate?

To be a Tantric Pirate, is to be the Hero of your own life. To follow the winds towards becoming the Captain of your ship, the creator of the life you choose.

To each of us, that means something slightly different, for a Pirate’s life is unique and original. Here’s some notable takes on the Tantric Piracy:

Fool of Many Passions

To strive for understanding and transformation. To culture the sense of trust, cosmic providence and inner strength to keep calm in every situation. To smugly smile at whatever it is I’m facing. And even be gentle with myself in the realisation, that this goal itself might be just an ideal to strive towards. To care only about what I willingly choose to care about.


To be a part of this loving community.  To overcome my own fears and work on them, committing myself to a process with all of them.  To have healthy and mentally stable people around me.  To explore my sexuality.  To be in balance.

Onça Rainha do Mata Olho do Mar

To take care of myself, love myself, assume responsibility for myself and all my actions. To be honest. To know my power and energy.


To become my own hero. To be brave to pursue every moment's Truth. To uncover the hidden, to say the unspoken.  And once everything is clear, when our armour is down and the fragility is exposed... to not need to be brave anymore.

Elvira Tausendtot

To be free to be myself, fearless of what others might think. To be grateful for life itself and all it’s gifts, even if I don’t like them. To be present in every moment, experiencing it as intensely as possible with all my senses.

Gaia Starseed

To be a bird in one V, on a journey together to the root of the unassailable wilderness. To first be the seed of the long ageing stars, and be reborn in the world tales to come.

Serafina Seelenschlund

To approach freedom as a self-act, and a communal catalyst for feeling present. To travel through my souls; defending fearless speech and living - always conscious and curious of different shades of sunglasses. My body holds a capacity of memories- they unfold in conscious movement - they whisper stories of piratekind. It is my sail crossing the border of language and the abyss into many souls.

The Man of Many Souls

To discern all my darkness and all my light
(And yours as well my brother)
And accept them both in the mythic dance
To drink deep from the well, the mysteries of being
The fallen redemption of man.
To honour all the mad Gods of the Psyche
& not be ashamed of being human
Of being divine, and luminous
& human… that as well.

The Wondering Wanderer Between Worlds

To throw off the shackles of confinement and conditioning and to explore the mysterious and terrifying beauty of life, love and liberation with courage and curiosity, humor, honesty and playfulness.


To be free and weightless as a Hummingbird. To be entirely present. To be brave enough to face my fears and accept the call for action that life presents.

Naked Rose

Temple dancer of the palace of great bliss, the sacred chamber of the heart.

Bowing in ecstasy to the innermost essence of trance.


To master the winds of change, dancing, singing on the waves, counting the beats of our hearts. With our tears I make stars, loving fully, loving high every motion fills this life. To see all, make it mine, grow as power just to shine.


To breathe. To find my center. To approach every situation in life with a playful half smile on my face. To release control and dive deep into the ever-changing experience of each single moment of my life.

MR E ( /ˈmɪst(ə)ri/ )

To be free to make my own decisions. To show myself as I am. To have courage to face my fears. To be here now.

Captain Pipi Spielhand

To wholeheartedly embrace all absurdities of the life voyage. To discover everywhere the divine, striking in unlikely places, treasure of Love and Beauty. To say No to all that hinders me, and focus on the Yes of my North Star. To be unapologetically Me, discovering Me afresh with every new adventure. To become, more than just the captain of this crew, the Captain of my Life. To live as a celebration.

The privilege of a lifetime is

to become who you truly are. 

Carl Gustav Jung


Captain Pipi Spielhand (aka Pedro Aybar) has been on tantric skid row since 2005. After being initiated by Swami Janakananda Saraswati into an authentic tantric tradition, he lived with his guru for four years, delving deep into the knowledge of this timeless science.

Since then, the captain has been using his own body and mind as a laboratory to test the classical tantric methods, experiencing first-hand their transformative effects.

One of the most pleasant of these effects has been the discovery of tantric sexuality. Captain Spielhand found that tantric sex is not something to be learned, but something to become capable of. And classical tantra remains the most effective way to develop the abilities of a tantric lover.

In 2016 he met Andreas Rothe, creator of tantra massage and an acknowledged master of the emerging field of neotantra. He studied at Andro’s institute, The Diamond Lotus, where he learned an effective modern approach to sexuality, psychology and life.

Since 2022 he is professionally involved in performance art. He has been privileged to work with such great choreographers as Andre Uerba and Meg Stuart.

The captain’s main focus is accompanying his four year old daughter, Maya, in the great adventure of life.



the Pirate Code


The Pirate Tantrics have a Code, a script announcing how we want to relate to each other; how we choose to commune.

We have all accepted these articles. They are a reflection of our values, of how we want to live.

Although we extend to the whole world the same courtesies we give each other, the word Everybody in this text translates to The Pirate Tantrics, as the signatories of this agreement.



Everybody’s life belongs to themselves.


Everybody deserves to be loved.


Everybody deserves to be accepted with all their flaws, even by themselves.


Everybody’s experience is true. Everybody’s perspective is valid.


Everybody deserves to be given the time and space to be self-reliant.


Everybody deserves what they want.


Everybody has the right to be and act however they wish or can, moment by moment.


Everybody has the right to change their mind at any time.


Everybody has the right to move at their own pace.


Everybody has the right to experiment at being different versions of themselves.


Everybody is responsible for knowing themselves.


Everybody is responsible for caring for themselves.


Everybody is responsible for making themselves comfortable.


Everybody is responsible of dealing with their own inner world.


Everybody is constantly changing, and can change in the direction of their will.


As an ever-changing fractal of the cosmos, everybody is perfect as they are.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and

rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. 

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī