A journey through the different dimensions of your being

To a place beyond the reach of your conscious mind

A state of deepest rest

Where you’ll be refreshed

Where your healing and creative powers will express

Discover a deeply restorative state and bring conscious awareness to what’s really important to you.



This is an invitation to give yourself the gift of a lifetime: A custom designed and personalised guided journey into yourself. One that will help bring meaning and keep the direction to your life.

A state between sleep and wakefulness artfully prolonged to explore the deeper areas or your psyche. And to suggest to your unconscious what you want it to know.





Using a time-tested method, your awareness is guided to the experience of the different parts of you: your body, your breath.. moving from the gross to the subtle.

The experience of your life energy, and of different mental states. A trip through inner landscapes that express the contents of your unconscious mind.

A personalised meditation considers your needs and what you wish to get from the practice. It uses techniques and imagery that support those aspirations.



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“At the point of sleep, when the sleep has not yet come and external wakefulness vanishes, at this point being is revealed.”

— Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.



In this process, you don’t control or direct anything. You observe with wakeful clarity from a dream-like place.

The guidance will cooperate with your unconscious mind and support your imagination. You simply open yourself to the instructions and let everything happen by itself.

A meditation scripted just for you, will incorporate the themes and directions of your own life. The images and scenes that are meaningful to you.




Everything is already there, in you; the meditation simply helps you bring awareness to it.

The different stages of this meditation relate like movements in a musical piece. They bring you seamlessly from one state to the next, to experiences that define the rational mind.

This centuries-old technique is designed to bypass the thinking mind by constantly giving it something to do. In this way, it uses the mind’s restlessness rather than fight against it.


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In the light altered state induced by the meditation, your mind is more open, more receptive to anything you wish to impress it with. In this state you might plant seeds in your unconscious. These seeds will grow and manifest in your life.

The meditation crafted just for you will speak your own symbolic language and incorporate the relevant archetypes of this stage in your journey.

Indeed, the very process of making of this meditation invites you to consider the symbols and meanings in your life.



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Everything unfolds almost as in a dream.

First you surrender. You let your whole body sink into an effortless stillness. It’s just the start of the deepest process of rest.

Then you become conscious. Of the most tangible things, the body, the breath; and then of the more…. ethereal.

And you enter deeper and deeper states until perhaps, you get glimpses of your Self.



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The perfect gift for a loved one this holiday season

We will communicate with the recipient of your gift and craft a meditation that precisely meets their requirements. A moment of peace and self-connection where they can return again and again.


Yoga Nidra is a life-changing meditation from the classical tantra tradition. It is rooted in the ancient practice of Nyasa, a ritual where mantras are placed on the different body parts.

The many benefits of this meditation have been widely documented. From the obvious of reducing stress and anxiety, to improving your sleep, boosting creativity, alleviating chronic pain, and even increasing gratitude and joy.

A regular practice of Yoga Nidra will teach your entire organism to enter into deeply relaxed states with more ease.

And a personalised version of this practice, will remind you of what is important to you. It will also bring the energy of your attention to your values, dreams and intentions.



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I’d be thrilled to design a personal guided meditation for you, that will support you with clarity and energy for everyday life. 

I have been guiding this practice for well over a decade. And, what’s most important, have practiced it myself since 2005.

If you wish to order one, we will have some exchange about the different possibilities and directions that your experience could take. I will listen to your desires and needs. I will address your questions, and perhaps make suggestions.

My aim is to understand what symbols and landscapes are relevant in your journey. What you wish to get from the practice. If there’s anything special you want to confront or address. All of this will inform the themes, form and content of your personal meditation.

After I deliver your meditation, you have two weeks to ask for a revision and I’ll happily re-edit it for you. 



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PRICES are based on the length of the meditation:

15 mins        70€

25 mins      110€

40 mins     180€



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“Yoga Nidra is about seeing and feeling what is there in life to be seen and felt more fully ‐ physically, mentally and psychically. It is a method to make you feel at home, being you! “ 

— Swami Janakandav