The Pirate Tantrics’ HEROIC Island Adventure

Weather-salted Pirates



The Pirates are veterans of these Aegean waters. Season after season they have sailed this way.

What perilous adventures they have had! Fighting the centurion in the labyrinth, seeking answers from the cactus, wrestling nature of its bones. Climbing on to the ghost ship, or descending the dark depths of the psyche. Oh, the brave deeds, the mad follies, the unwavering comradeship and love!

Each journey more daring than the last, each adventure more intense.

Well now these old veterans return, ever seeking the treasures in their hearts. A little wiser, a little worn, sailing a little slower, but still chasing their North Star.

The sea



  • Two daily hours of the Pirate’s Anchor, including Asana, Pranayama, Shatkarma, Mudra/Bandha, Pratyahara, Dharana, and Meditation.
  • Hikes exploring the extraordinary Natural beauty of the Island, with games, interactions and those infamous Pirate antics.
  • Evening meetings at the Temple, connecting with each other in conscious and uplifting ways.
Our home in Amorgos

At Amorgos we will have full jurisdiction over a fanciful terraced villa on the deserted side of the mountain (pictured left).  Our only neighbour is an old church graveyard where one can see the bones of the faithful.  On the other side of the mountain there is a small village, which will provision us with local food, and lovely walks.  The island is full of small hermitages and abandoned crypts; eloquent remnants of ancient civilizations… And the sea.

The Cyclades have been inhabited since the 3rd Millennium BC.  Their name derives from their circular shape around the sacred island of Delos, which was already a holy sanctuary a thousand years before Olympian Mythology made it the birthplace of Apollo and Aphrodite. 



1 October : Berlin – Athens
2 October : Athens – Amorgos
11 October : Amorgos – Athens – Berlin

Windmills or giants?




1-11 October

Amorgos, The Cyclades



650€ Pirates
850€ Sailors

Includes accommodation in Athens and Amorgos, two daily meals, snacks and all guided walks and activities.


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There is a community of the spirit.

Join it, and feel the delight

of walking in the noisy street

and being the noise.

—- Rumi.

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