Pirate Wedding – Marina & Ilya

Ahoy dear friend! If you have found your way here you are invited to the wedding of Marina and Ilya at the infamous pirate castle, Burgkemnitz (Sachsen-Anhalt) on July 20th/21st. It will be an unforgettable, ecstatic gathering  like no other and we want to fill it with love, adoration and appreciation not only of our union but for the whole community.

A little bit closer to the date we will send you some more details on what to expect – it is a pirate wedding after all. Dive into this extra ordinary ritual with us!

Please RSVP as soon as possible and let us know if you have time!

“If you want to go fast – go alone. If you want to go far – go together”

Old Proverb


Her illustrious beauty Marina Kisley, Pirate Krea, ruler over the dominion of the 4 continents, most gentle of spirits and a queen of hearts. To surprise her bring a sensual experience and many words of praise.

THE Groom

The Fool of Many Passions, Romancier of high ideals and the defender of the omniscient heart. After a decade of soul searching has finally found a port in the marvellous Marina. To surprise him bring wit, spunk and rum.

What to expect

Two days filled with different rituals, mostly outdoors Some ideas that are ringing in our minds for these 2 days. You are not obliged to participate in anything. Children are most welcome and we will organize something for them as well.


This wedding is an adventure and an experiment as much as it is a celebration. We invite you to think who you want to be this weekend. Find your most flamboyant clothes, pick a new name, new habits and come as your most eccentric self. Or don't. The choice is yours and you are always loved.


Love is a basic need to us. To be seen, heard and valued... to be touched. We acknowledge each other’s divinity in Rituals and unite our energies in Sacred Touch. There will be moments of intense rituals. Take it as an invitation or just watch from afar.


We use ritual to bring awareness and intention to what we do. Intensely focusing our attention, we harness the energies of our own endless Self. While sharing ritual together strengthens our community and directs our collective power towards a common horizon.


There will be plenty of home made food and we will have a kitchen and a fire to make the most indulgent of sensory pleasures for this occasion. Make sure to RSVP and let us know your dietary proclivities.


Deeply feeling our own body, we cultivate the awareness of being a physical self. We dance as a meditation, with attention on each fleeting moment. We dance to get in touch with our depth, to enter meditative states, to communicate and connect. We dance to awaken our power to surrender.


The sacred fire has witnessed all of humankind's history since the dawn of our kind. For this wedding we want to share space with its infinite wisdom and let it witness one more union, one more tiny spark of our lives. Let's sit together like our ancestors did a hundred thousand years ago.


The sacread sweat lodge is a millenia old ritual of rebirth. It ground us and brings us back into the womb of mother earth. Here we chant, we pray and we sweat. Then as the door opens a new life awaits.


During the whole weekend we forget who we are and transform into our most ecstatic self, either through dance, drink or magic potions provided by the local witch doctor. Let go and celebrate your most sacred, ecstatic, creative self with us.

THE WEDDING DATE – 20.+21 Jul 2024

Our wedding will start on Sat July 20th and continue until Sun night. It will be extra-ordinaire led by no other than the master of ceremony and captain of the pirates: Pipi Spielhand. We will have games, rituals and play for everyone. It will be unforgettable.

Since we have a castle at out disposal you will have some space to sleep and can arrive earlier and leave later. Whatever suits you. Let us know in the RSVP if you’d like a room. We encourage you to stay as long as you can.

Children are welcome.


Each fleeting instant, the universe is freshly created

for your experience. Will you accept the gift?

Captain Pipi Spielhand

Burgkemnitz Castle


Schloss Burgkemnitz has been home to german aristocracy for over 700 years. Yet it is more famously known as the pirate castle and has been home to many retreats of the pirates.

We will have about 10 or so large rooms available. They are not the Ritz but comfortable and historic. Please let us know how long you would like to stay.

Ideally you could help us with some work on the property, as the owner of the castle is more interested in work exchange rather than payment.

Location: ~2h by car / 2.5h by train from Berlin Google Maps